Madame Doubtfire
Anne Fine

This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0140373551

Lydia, Christopher and Natalie are used to domestic turmoil. Their parents’ divorce has not made family life any easier in either home. The children bounce to and from their volatile mother, Miranda, and their out-of-work actor father, Daniel. Then Miranda advertises for a cleaning lady who will look after and mind the children after work – and Daniel gets the job, disguised as Madame Doubtfire. This bittersweet, touching and extremely funny book inspired the highly successful film “Mrs Doubtfire”, starring Robin Williams

Madame Doubtfire book cover

I love the movie. I mean it’s a classic, a hallmark of my youth, how could I do otherwise? The book was, as far as I knew, not available electronically. I have a vague memory of an audio tape version from the local library, but that’s itt.

But now, thanks to the Puffin Modern Classics range I get to enjoy it properly. It’s a well-told story, the issues are, of course, powerful and controversial and although it’s far too quick to read as an adult, it’s going to be one on my shelf when the little one gets older. I was most pleased to have the opportunity to read it.

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