Written in the Blood (The String Diaries, #2)
Stephen Lloyd Jones

The new, enthralling supernatural thriller from Stephen Lloyd Jones, following his highly acclaimed debut THE STRING DIARIES.

High in the mountains of the Swiss Alps Leah Wilde is about to gamble her life to bring a powerful man an offer. A promise.

Leah has heard the dark stories about him and knows she is walking into the lion’s den. But her options are running out. Her rare lineage, kept secret for years, is under terrible threat. That is, unless Leah and her mother Hannah are prepared to join up with their once deadly enemies.

Should the prey ever trust the predator?

Written in the Blood (The String Diaries, #2) book cover

“It had been more than a lie; it had been a betrayal. She had been damaged before she arrived at Tansik House, even more damaged by the time she left, and yet the longest years of suffering she’d endured had been delivered by her own hands. She had locked her feelings away so deep that now, as they flooded up to the surface, bitter and poisoned and so, so sad, she felt herself flailing, sinking beneath them…”

Duologies are rare in my reading list, but this one excelled. The emotional shift in chapter 11 was very strong indeed, and despite the very, very ending not quite clicking with me the two books as a whole mean I have to give it a 5 star rating. The excellent characterisation, the scope and depth of history, the sheer power of the writing in terms of both atmosphere and emotion puts this author as one I will be watching out for in the future.

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