The Postman
David Brin

This is the story of a lie that became the most powerful kind of truth.

A timeless novel as urgently compelling as Warday or Alas, Babylon, David Brin’s The Postman is the dramatically moving saga of a man who rekindled the spirit of America through the power of a dream, from a modern master of science fiction.

He was a survivor—a wanderer who traded tales for food and shelter in the dark and savage aftermath of a devastating war. Fate touches him one chill winter’s day when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker to protect himself from the cold. The old, worn uniform still has power as a symbol of hope, and with it he begins to weave his greatest tale, of a nation on the road to recovery.

The Postman book cover

Post-apocalyptic fiction has always been an intriguing genre, but lately with self-publishing it’s boomed, and not always to the good. This is what I consider to be a seminal work of that style, I found myself strongly absorbed by the landscape, the ideals, and the characters. I haven’t read much of Brin before, but I’m working on it as so far I have been very impressed.

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