My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (The Time Bubble #9)
Jason Ayres

When 54 year old Thomas Scott wakes up in a hospital bed on New Year’s Day he has no memory of who he is or why he is there. Racked with pain from a terminal illness, death swiftly follows.

The next day he awakes to find himself alive again and confused, especially when he discovers that it is now New Year’s Eve. As the days pass he begins to realise that he is living his life backwards one day at a time.

So begins the extraordinary tale of a man who goes to sleep on Sunday nights and wakes up on Saturday mornings: A man who cannot form a meaningful relationship with a woman because when he jumps back to the previous day, she has no memory of him. And a man who can win a fortune from gambling any time he likes, but has only one day to spend it.

Trying to find some purpose in life he resolves to find out as much about his own personal history as he can. Learning of the death of his wife and an attack on his daughter, he prepares to make changes in the past to secure their future.

From middle-aged father all the way back to childhood, the passing years present all manner of different challenges as he grows ever more youthful.

Set in and around Oxford between the years of 1970 and 2025, this unique concept for a time travel novel features plenty of humour, nostalgia and “what if?” moments.

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (The Time Bubble #9) book cover

Though not a new literary device, this managed to work. I quite enjoyed the changes in technology as Thomas regressed, and his way of life was also quite interesting, in particular his years of retirement and puberty. The obvious question of course is which path his life is set on at the end: have his changes held up and will he now grow up with a family? Or, if he doesn’t change his ways in Scrooge-like fashion, is he doomed to die early?

An author worth reading more of, for certain.

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