The Day of the Triffids
John Wyndham

This book is fantastic and frightening, but entirely plausible. It doesn’t just seem scientifically possible, but its characters are living people shaken out of the civilization they know into the horror of a world dominated by triffids.

The triffids are grotesque and dangerous plants, over seven feet tall, originally cultivated for their yield of high-grade oil. So long as conditions give the mastery to their human directors, they are a valuable asset to mankind. But when a sudden universal disaster turns those conditions upside down, then the triffids, seizing their opportunity, become an active and dreadful menace.

The story of what happens is told here by one of the few people lucky enough to escape the disaster.

The Day of the Triffids book cover

I can’t believe I hadn’t read this already. I love the blind man (I mean the one who was blind before), and I enjoyed the story. I will have to sit and read it again to extract more deep and meaningful commentary, I just let it flow this time for the story of it.

Published by Sean Randall

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