The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick 2: We Can Remember it for You Wholesale
Philip K. Dick

Many thousands of readers consider Philip K. Dick the greatest science fiction mind on any planet. Since his untimely death in 1982, interest in Dick’s works has continued to mount and his reputation has been further enhanced by a growing body of critical attention. The Philip K. Dick Award is now given annually to a distinguished work of science fiction, and the Philip K. Dick Society is devoted to the study and promulgation of his works. This collection includes all of the writer’s earliest short and medium-length fiction (including some previously unpublished stories) covering the years 1953-1955

“A useful acquisition for any serious SF library or collection.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The collected stories of Philip K. Dick is awe inspiring.” — The Washington Post

“More than anyone else in the field, Mr. Dick really puts you inside people’s minds.” — Wall Street Journal

n Volume 2/5. Contents:n
n – The Cookie Lady
– Beyond the Door
– Prominent Author
– We Can Remember it for You Wholesale
– Jon’s World
– The Cosmic Poachers
– Progeny
– Some Kinds of Life
– Martians Come in Clouds
– The Commuter
– The World She Wanted
– A Surface Raid
– Project: Earth
– The Trouble with Bubbles
– Breakfast at Twilight
– A Present for Pat
– The Hood Maker
– Of Withered Apples
– Human Is
– Adjustment Team
– The Impossible Planet
– Imposter
– James P. Crow
– Planet for Transients
– Small Town
– Souvenir
– Survey Team.

Other editions of this volume are titled:
– We Can Remember it for You Wholesale and Other Classic Stories [by Citadel],
– Second Variety,
– Adjustment Team

Editions published by Citadel include “We can remember…” instead of “Second Variety” into Volume 2.

The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick 2: We Can Remember it for You Wholesale book cover

A lot of these were quite hsort and to the point, as stated in the introduction. Second variety is a bihit, yet I enjoyed some of the others considerably more. Human Is, I liked. Adjustment team is pretty good although as with Prominent Author there’s that religious bit which always gives me a vague unease.

I liked the stories with endings that you sea coming with a bit of logic. Imposter is a good example, as is my favourite of the collection, Survey team

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