Project Avalon (Blake’s 7)
Trevor Hoyle

Novelisation of five classic episodes from the much–loved BBC TV series created by Terry Nation, featuring Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, and their cohorts as they do battle with the Galactic Federation and its despotic leader, Servalan. The episodes adapted in the book are Seek–Locate–Destroy, Duel, Project Avalon, Deliverance and Orac.

Project Avalon (Blake's 7) book cover

“You won,” said Travis stolidly, his face hard and brutal. “That’s what counted.” But Sinofar shook her head wanly. Her eyes held an infinite reservoir of sadness. “It wasn’t a victory. It was only the end of the war…”

I enjoyed this a lot more than the first one. I suppose I was already familiar with the characters and, because I approached B7 at an odd angle, I’m an Avon fan and the opening set of episodes pushed Blake, obviously.

There’s a certain antiquity to these stories; their headlong pace and leaping from one story to the next lends itself to a serial form so you sort of feel a bit strange, buying them as novels. I, for one, would welcome flushed-out write-ups of all 52 original episodes (we have, what: 4, or 6 or so, at the moment). There’s money in it too, up on Kindle I reckon they’d go well!

Oh and Orac is one of my favourite episodes of the whole show, so it was nice to have more of that in a written form.

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