Strangers from the Sky (Star Trek: The Original Series Unnumbered)
Margaret Wander Bonanno

In the twenty-first century humanity has united after countless years of warfare, and turns toward the stars. But when an alien spacecraft crash-lands in the South Pacific bearing visitors from another world, the Vulcans, Earth must decide whether to extend the hand of friendship, or the fist of war. In the distant future, horrible dreams torment Admiral James T. Kirk, dreams prompted by his reading of Strangers from the Sky, a book about that historic first contact. He dreams of an alternate reality where he somehow changed the course of history, and destroyed the Federation before it began.

Strangers from the Sky (Star Trek: The Original Series Unnumbered) book cover

Whilst much of this novel has now of course been outcanoned and probably retconned to boot, it was compelling for its time. I never quite felt the emotional connect I wanted to, I think Federation still holds my top spot for a good read in the Pre-Kirk era, but I enjoyed this more than I was expecting to nevertheless.

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