Imzadi Forever (Star Trek: Signature Edition)
Peter David

Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise,� it means “beloved” and denotes that which can never be truly broken.

Yet to whom does Deanna’s heart truly belong?

Commander William Riker was the first Deanna called Imzadi. Long before they served together on board the Enterprise, they shared a tempestuous love affair back on Betazed. And even now, many years later, Riker will embark on a desperate journey across time and space to save Deanna’s life.

But Riker is not the only Starfleet officer to capture Deanna’s heart. Lieutenant Commander Worf, the fierce Klingon warrior, is also drawn to Deanna’s gentle and caring nature. Brought together by fate, he and Deanna share an unexpected passion that tests the bonds between Troi and Riker — even as a deadly Romulan conspiracy threatens them all!

Bonus: An Exclusive Interview with the Author

Imzadi Forever (Star Trek: Signature Edition) book cover

For some reason, enjoying Imzadi didn’t mean I had read the sequel. I don’t think I even knew about it until I saw this signature edition, which is a bit poor of me given my appreciation of both the Trekverse and PAD as an author.

So yes, it’s contrived. Peter’s written a story into an era already lapsed onscreen, so we know what happens afterward. Of course he knows that we know this, but we know that he knows we know too, so the story has to be careful. and it works, it’s a clever series of contretemps based on the Rikers, a cleverly circumnavigated ménage à Deanna, with plenty of backreferences to good Next Generation stuff and a sprinkling of Peter’s original trek work. as an opener to a new year, it is somehow very satisfying to pull something out from the solidity of Classic Star Trek.

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