Speak For Me (Saddleback Classics)
K.R. Alexander

From kid horror master K.R. Alexander, the story of a virtual friend that puts the fright into stage fright . Naomi is petrified of the talent show her school is putting on. She can’t be out there alone in front of all those people… not without serious stage fright. How will she manage? The answer arrives in a mysterious box — a ventriloquist’s dummy that transforms Naomi from a shy girl into a natural performer. It all goes well… until Naomi starts to want the stage for herself. When the dummy strikes back it raises the question — who’s controlling who?

Speak For Me (Saddleback Classics) book cover

A snappily told story with lots of heart, this may well be one to keep on the shelf until it catches my daughter’s eye. It reminded me of a toned-down creepy x-files episode, although of course the idea of dolls getting their wicked way with people isn’t new. Nonetheless, it was handled well here, and carries through the idea of speaking up for yourself tremendously. Very much enjoyed.

Published by Sean Randall

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