Riddle in Stone (The Riddle in Stone, #1)
Robert Evert

Long after the last of the great heroes of old has died, the Undead King is stirring again, amassing a goblin horde ready to sweep out of the mountains and destroy all of humanity. The only thing preventing utter annihilation is Edmund—a stuttering librarian who knows a secret, a secret that every thief, assassin, and king would kill to have. Fleeing from relentless peril, Edmund wages a solitary battle against an ancient evil. But how can one man succeed when so many before him have failed? (Dark Fantasy)

Riddle in Stone (The Riddle in Stone, #1) book cover

an exciting new voice in the epic fantasy genre, not without a dollop of humour, which really works here. Ed’s inner voice was probably one of my favourite strands to the work, and although a lot of the tropes are present and used, there’s also something refreshing about falling into this world. As a debut, it really hits things on the head, and you can’t beet the price nor quality.

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