Pornucopia (Pornucopia, #1)
Piers Anthony

Pornucopia is a picaresque black comedy that transgresses all bounds of everyday good taste. It begins in a near-future world where sex-vending machines and genital transplants are taken for granted. Prior Gross, the hero and sex object of this wild adventure, thinks his fantasies have all come true when a beautiful young woman seduces him on a public beach. She turns out to be a succubus, beginning his initiation into a realm populated by demons that are not merely horned, but horny. He encounters a perverse cast of characters that includes a satyr, a vampire, and a pair of luscious sisters, one of whom tricks him out of his manhood. So Prior Gross sets out on a perverse odyssey, taking him to a distant planet where he discovers the key to the return of his property and, ultimately, the origin of the universe itself.

Pornucopia (Pornucopia, #1) book cover

I found this as a younger teen and, of course, it totally and utterly intrigued, baffled, titillated and confused me. Fortunately, it didn’t hold any sway what soever on my person when it came to either the consideration or practice of any form of sexual activity, which is astonishing, given that I pepper quotes from other novels and indeed entire paragraphs into daily conversation where warranted.
Having reread it today? It doesn’t really impact much. It’s a bit of fun.

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