ATLAS (Atlas, #1)
Isaac Hooke

Rade Galaal enrolls in the hardest military training known to man to become a member of the MOTHs, the most elite fighting unit in the galaxy. MOTHs are tacticians, corpsmen, snipers, astronauts and commandos rolled into one. They also happen to pilot the atomic-powered ATLAS mechs, specialized military hardware that brings new meaning to the phrase “one-man-army.”

When Special Warfare Command orders MOTH Team Seven on a covert operation beyond the furthest reaches of explored space, Rade realizes he’s signed up for more than he bargained for…

ATLAS (Atlas, #1) book cover

With a strong Starship Troopers, Old Man’s War feel to it this had potential, and I must admit to being held, if not overly thrilled. The politics, technology and aliens were all just that bit too vague to make much meat out of. Potential here, but not one that cries out to carry on with.

Published by Sean Randall

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