No Man’s Land (Poor Man’s Fight, #6)
Elliott Kay

“I DON’T BELONG IN THE MILITARY. I DON’T WANT TO BELONG.” Tanner Malone never aspired to heroism. For him, the Navy and the Debtor’s War were all about survival. Lately, his life has turned to better days with college, friends, and a growing relationship. He’s not interested when a Union Fleet admiral brings him a mysterious alien threat, but he can’t turn away Alicia Wong. Ancient warfare between humanity’s alien neighbors threatens to reignite. While tensions rise, the Fleet detects a massive alien craft sneaking through human space. The commando team sent to investigate is tough, competent, and straight out of Tanner’s worst fears. Surviving this will push Tanner to his limits—and he’ll definitely need a note for class.

No Man's Land (Poor Man's Fight, #6) book cover

Oh, yes. This was the best 4 hours of my weekend. I love these books, and the structure and pace of this was excellent. The climactic chapters, 23-26, were un-put-downable. Alicia shone, Tanner is just brilliant, and the whole galaxy Kay’s made is now just alive with great aliens, worryingly pumped officers and dangerous politics.

This series goes from strength-to-strength. I really hope Tim comes back to do the audio, that guy voices the series brilliantly. I know I’ve only just finished book 6, but I want book 7 already! Or to go back from the beginning all over again.

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