Artificial Wisdom
Thomas R. Weaver

It’s 2050, a decade after a heatwave that killed four hundred million across the Persian Gulf, including journalist Marcus Tully’s wife. Now he must uncover the truth: was the disaster natural? Or is the weather now a weapon of genocide?

A whistleblower pulls Tully into a murder investigation at the centre of an election battle for a global dictator, with a mandate to prevent a climate apocalypse. A former US President campaigns against the first AI politician for the position, but someone is trying to sway the outcome.

Tully must convince the world to face the truth and make hard choices about the future of the species. But will humanity ultimately choose salvation over freedom, whatever the cost?

An enthralling murder mystery with a vividly realised future world, forcing readers to grapple with hard hitting questions about the climate crisis, our relationship with Artificial Intelligence and the price we’d be willing to pay, as a species, to be saved. Perfect for fans of Blake Crouch, Harlan Coben, Neal Stephenson, Philip K. Dick, Kim Stanley Robinson and RR Haywood.

Artificial Wisdom book cover

Despite seeing the ending coming, I really enjoyed this. As a detective story it had a slight noir sense, as a climate change continuation it’s quite frankly terrifying and as an extrapolation of the current technological milieu, it’s worryingly addictive.

I won’t go into too much detail; it’s not an overlong work. But there’s certainly scope for another book and I hope that Mr Weaver is planning one.

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