Necessary Evil (Milkweed Triptych, #3)
Ian Tregillis

12 May 1940. Westminster, London, the early days of World War II. Again. Raybould Marsh, one of “our” Britain’s best spies, has travelled to another Earth in a desperate attempt to save at least one timeline from the Cthulhu-like monsters who have been observing our species from space and have already destroyed Marsh’s timeline. In order to accomplish this, he must remove all traces of the supermen that were created by the Nazi war machine and caused the specters from outer space to notice our planet in the first place. His biggest challenge is the mad seer Gretel, one of the most powerful of the Nazi creations, who has sent a version of herself to this timeline to thwart Marsh. Why would she stand in his way? Because she has seen that in all the timelines she dies and she is determined to stop that from happening, even if it means destroying most of humanity in the process. And Marsh is the only man who can stop her.
Necessary Evil is the stunning conclusion to Ian Tregillis’s Milkweed series.

Necessary Evil (Milkweed Triptych, #3) book cover

Alternative ways of ending the Second World War are, of course, a literary staple. But This series has been so expressly brilliant at adding nuanced, layered complexity to the situation that really, it doesn’t fall into that mould at all.

Marsh’s pain fairly powers out of the pages of this book. Hugely, overwhelmingly poignant in the early chapters, it does ebb more toward a lesser, melancholic sort of sufferance toward the middle of the book as the necessary evils take root. Not to say it doesn’t come back and slap you in the face thereafter… It’s a massively satisfying ending to this intriguing series. One day, I shall read the set through as a single work, to better enjoy the milieu once again. if you’ve been following the warlocks, you won’t want to miss this one. If you haven’t, make a start with The Coldest War

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