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Becoming a metaman was more of an escape from Ross McGowan’s downward-spiralling life than a job he really wanted but years of isolation, degradation and drudgery in the service of the Post-Human Collective would give him plenty of time to regret the choice. The company of Tracey Lane, his magnificent captain and mentor, might have helped him through it, if the discovery of an ancient Martian technology hadn’t thrown him into deadly peril and set Earth and the post-humans on the path of war. And crucial to everything that was happening, was the answer to Fermi’s old question, “Where are all the aliens?” Trapped millions of kilometres from home and pressed into service as a human guinea-pig for the post-humans as they pursue their desperate ambitions to escape Earth before the war escalates beyond control, Ross, ever haunted by the trauma of his past, steers a fine line between survival and revolt. As events around the post-humans evolve at breakneck speed, Ross and the other humans in the same predicament are branded collaborators by the governments of Earth and escape from the Post-Human Collective becomes a death sentence. Metaman is the exciting new novel from best-selling science fiction writer, Graham Storrs, author of the highly-acclaimed Timesplash novels, the Placid Point novels, and many others.

Metaman book cover

I don’t know where this fits into Graham’s other works, it feels like it has the seeds of other things but also that it stands alone.
it was at once uplifting and quite horrifying. The Australianness shone through almost as strong as with Time and Tyde, and there’s quite a bad picture of Humanity painted. Still, a lot of ethical considerations to ponder and very much a blow to the wow factor of transhumanity

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