Memorial Bot
Benjamin Wrax

Can you bear to learn about the troubled past and all the secrets of your dead lover by bringing them back to life in the virtual realm? Is the metaverse the best place to find love beyond the grave?
Malcolm, a young Londoner, is forced to revisit the past after the mysterious suicide of his ex-girlfriend Leonora when he sets up a memorial bot to recreate her as a virtual being to heal his grief. Her past, as it turns out, is a lot more troubled and much darker than expected. Malcolm falls in love again with Leonora’s virtual persona. He is a good guy at heart but in his naivety and desperation, he will do everything to keep Leonora, even if this turns him into an accessory to murder.

Memorial Bot book cover

Stories where some technology does weird stuff black mirror style can be quite compelling. The writing here had that odd, diffident British feel to it which made it a bit tricky to get into the headspace, and there is a lot of progress for the sake of the plot which stretches credulity on occasion. The names felt a bit weird at times, the twin thing in particular was a wrench and I was a bit disappointed that we never found out how she knew what she knew, if I can speak in circles to avoid spoilers.

Not a bad work, but with definite areas to polish.

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