Josiah Trenchard Part One The Might of Fortitude
Jonathon Fletcher

Librarian note: alternative cover edition – ASIN B009PK84WW

Four years ago Josiah Trenchard was almost killed during the Insurgent uprising of Belatu-Cadros on Mars; his throat slashed by a mysterious, masked and black clad assassin. His only clue to the assassin’s hidden identity was a whispered goodbye in a feminine Japanese accent. But for some reason, she let him live…

Now Commander Trenchard is fighting the Insurgents once more when he is unexpectedly re-assigned to the untested prototype Wolverine class vessel, the “Might of Fortitude”, the most deadly hunter-killer in the fleet. Uprooted from the star-ship that he has come to call home, Trenchard discovers that he has been specifically requested by an old comrade, now Captain of the cramped, submarine-like star-ship, which is about to be launched on her maiden voyage. Her mission: to hunt down bloodthirsty pirates who have unleashed a reign of terror throughout the asteroid belt.

Struggling with an inexperienced crew, bad turns to worse when the hunter becomes the hunted and Commander Trenchard must put his life on the line to save his ship, his crew, and the honour of the Space Navy…

Josiah Trenchard Part One The Might of Fortitude book cover

Very pulp, pretty British, full of fowl language! What more could you want?

Published by Sean Randall

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