The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1)
Robert Ludlum

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Who is Jason Bourne? Is he an assassin, a terrorist, a thief? Why has he got four million dollars in a Swiss bank account? Why has someone tried to murder him?…

Jason Bourne does not know the answer to any of these questions. Suffering from amnesia, he does not even know that he is Jason Bourne. What manner of man is he? What are his secrets? Who has he killed?

The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne, #1) book cover

As hard as it may be to believe, I grew up reading this. Local libraries had ample supply of teen literature to interest the nine-year-old me, but good old Jason Bourne won out each time. When Wikipedia called it an “airport novel” I was scandalised and it was only with expanding literary tastes (and hopefully some semblance of maturation) that I was able to take the book from its pedestal.

Most of Robert Ludlum’s stuff is fairly heavy in action and detail, and this is no exception. I’ve read it in Braille, electronically and on audio tape (the best version I’ve ever heard was a narration by William Duffris). Funny to think that if I’d been that sort of teen, a mad American killer could’ve been my idle. makes me miss the days of the power rangers sometimes.

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