Day of the Predator (TimeRiders, #2)
Alex Scarrow

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Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912.
Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010.
Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026.

But all three have been given a second chance—to work for an agency that no-one knows exists. Its purpose—to prevent time travel destroying history . . .

When Maddy mistakenly opens a time window where and when she shouldn’t have, Liam is marooned sixty-five million years ago in the hunting ground of a deadly—and until now—undiscovered species of predator.

Can Liam make contact with Maddy and Sal before he’s torn to pieces by dinosaurs—and without endangering history so much that the world is overtaken by a terrifying new reality?

Day of the Predator (TimeRiders, #2) book cover

I enjoyed this story a great deal, and almost lived it vicariously through some imagined early or preteen version of myself. I had, of course, worked out what appears so out-of-the-blue right at the end of the book: but would I have, when I was ten? Eleven? Twelve? probably not. The impact that might have been, as it were. I still got a lot out of reading it and am enjoying the series, although they cannot, of course, compete on an intellectual level with material aimed at older people they are exciting and just sheer good fun all the same.

Published by Sean Randall

I am an avid reader, technologist and disability advocate living in the middle of England with my wife, daughter and pets.

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