TimeRiders (TimeRiders, #1)
Alex Scarrow

Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912.
Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010.
Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026.

Yet moments before death, someone mysteriously appeared and said, ‘Take my hand …’

But Liam, Maddy and Sal aren’t rescued. They are recruited by an agency that no one knows exists, with only one purpose—to fix broken history. Because time travel is here, and there are those who would go back in time and change the past. That’s why the TimeRiders exist: to protect us. To stop time travel from destroying the world…

TimeRiders (TimeRiders, #1) book cover

This rather gripped me from the outset, and is a very enjoyable opener to what’s promising to be a fascinating YA series. I almost found the British writing too anachronistic in spots (lamp post at the start of chapter 89 seemed out of place), but these are indeed British works, even if the UK doesn’t get much of a look in. The tension was great, especially the climax of chapter 71, and for anyone who hasn’t seen the Terminator Bob will be rather cool. For anyone who has … well: I’m surprised James Cameron’s not asking Scarrow for a cheque.

I can see me sitting down to read this to my son one day and him being as hooked on this series as I’ve been on others. I’ll just get working on producing him while I read the rest!

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