Virtual Prophet (The Game is Life, #4)
Terry Schott

Inside the Game, players struggle to survive in a world where technology no longer functions.

On Tygon, fans are unable to view what is occurring inside the Game.

Trew and Danielle rush to save both realities, but they are unable to know what the other is doing.

The fate of reality depends on a Game, and time is about to run out…

Virtual Prophet (The Game is Life, #4) book cover

A satisfactory, if mildly disappointing ending. I can’t say it was a let down really and yet there was something, call it momentum, that didn’t quite click at the end. Still, a very clever and interesting concept, and I’m glad I read the series and supported the author.

Published by Sean Randall

I am an avid reader, technologist and disability advocate living in the middle of England with my wife, daughter and pets.

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