Variant Of Concern (Cannibal Road Book 1)
Jordan Vezina

Silicon Valley Engineer Michael Zukowski is a man standing on the edge of oblivion. A deadly virus has struck the United States, starting in his home town of Palo Alto and working it’s way east. Hundreds of thousands are dead, bodies are being burned in open fields and the prognosis for mankind as a whole becomes more dire by the day.Yet… very few American even know it is happening. A government contract designed Artificial Intelligence program is erasing any evidence of this plague from every social media site, the primary way that citizens in the twenty-first century share information.The worst part? Michael created the program. Variant of Concern is a post-apocalyptic roller coaster ride like no other. Follow one man’s journey from unwittingly engineering the total collapse of civilization, the rise of a totalitarian government and ultimately the hordes of genetically engineered cannibals he once knew as his fellow Americans.

Variant Of Concern (Cannibal Road Book 1) book cover

Frustratingly, the description of this I read ended at “the program.” and the series title escaped me. So I didn’t anticipate the direction of the work very well, expecting more of the AI, programming and whatnot.

Still, it was OK for what it was but the ending was rather abrupt and if I’d known how much of the rest of the story was to come I might have waited until I had more to read.

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I am an avid reader, technologist and disability advocate living in the middle of England with my wife, daughter and pets.

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