James Follett

Forced to confront the possibility of a contamination of the brilliant Kronos superchip technology, Beverley Laine begins to suspect a plot to ruin her company, Nano Systems. With many lives and millions of pounds at stake, the race is on to solve the mystery of the terrifying Trojan virus.

Trojan book cover

I am quite a Follett fan, and was pleasantly surprised to find this hither too unavailable 1991 title available on Kindle having signed up for their Unlimited trial.

It started off in a most fascinating fashion. The end of chapter 10 was most graphic and disturbing, but showing his mastery of the macabre we then see poor Stan, who was indeed “no problem” providing us light relief.

I found the whole thing pretty engaging: Marshall’s history was fascinating, as much for the projectors, cameras and evolution of the satellite broadcasting industry as the guy himself, and when things start to go wrong with the casino, I enjoyed that, too. I did find the ending a little slack for Follett’s usual, so not quite top billing, but a worthy story with a lot to offer, especially given that it was published over two decades ago.

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