Trapped (The Prometheus Project, #1)
Douglas E. Richards

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the adult thriller, WIRED, its sequel, AMPED, and the adult science fiction/technothriller, THE CURE The Prometheus Project: Trapped is the first book in a science fiction series that has been widely praised by kids, adults, reluctant readers, and advanced readers alike. Ages 9 to adult A fantastic alien city buried deep underground. What wonders — and what dangers — is it hiding? Ryan and Regan Resnick have just moved to the world’s most boring place. But when they discover their parents are part of an ultra-secret project called Prometheus they are plunged into a nonstop adventure: one that will be the ultimate test of their wit, courage, and determination. Soon they are under attack and facing hostile alien worlds, alien technology, and unimaginable dangers at every turn. Now, with their mother facing certain death, they must race to solve a seemingly impossible mystery to have any hope of saving her. But if they save their mom, they will have no way to save themselves. . .

Trapped (The Prometheus Project, #1) book cover

Bravo, bravo indeed. If my daughter comes out of her princess phase and decides aliens are the in thing, this will be top of the list. It was well written, cliffhangers at every turn and just the sort of story to hit the age group it targeted. I’d have adored this as a child.

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