The Runner and the Wizard (Ivor of Glenbroch, #1)
Dave Duncan

Young Ivor dreams of being a swordsman like his nine older brothers, but until he can grow a beard he’s limited to being a runner, carrying messages for their lord, Thane Carrak. That’s usually boring, but this time Carrak has sent him on a long journey to summon the mysterious Rorie of Ytter. Rorie is reputed to be a wizard—or an outlaw, or maybe a saint—but the truth is far stranger, and Ivor suddenly finds himself caught up in a twisted magical intrigue that threatens Thane Carrak and could leave Ivor himself very dead.

The Runner and the Wizard (Ivor of Glenbroch, #1) book cover

I already knew Duncan was good at condensing, his Kings Daggers proved that well. The latter half of chapter 6 was particularly good and this is certainly well worth reading if you’re a fan or a way of getting into Dave’s writing style without diving into a huge series if not.

Published by Sean Randall

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