The Rolling Stones
Robert A. Heinlein

It doesn’t seem likely for twins to have the same middle name. Even so, it’s clear that Castor and Pollux Stone both have “Trouble” written in that spot on their birth certificates. Of course, anyone who’s met their grandmother Hazel would know that they came by it honestly…

Join the Stone twins as they connive, cajole, and bamboozle their way across the Solar System in the company of the most high-spirited and hilarious family in all of science fiction. This light-hearted tale has some of Heinlein’s sassiest dialogue (not to mention the famous Flat Cats incident!). Oddly enough, it’s also a true example of real family values–for when you’re a Stone, your family is your highest priority.

The Rolling Stones book cover

I found myself enjoying this less than a lot of Heinlein, there seemed an overabundance of technical talk, which is I suppose a good thing for a young person with a keen interest in rocketry. To me, for the story, it drifted some. Still, I can’t say it wasn’t worth reading, there’s that inimitable style…

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