The Gardener
Guy Portman

A slave and a stoner’s dreams are going up in smoke.

Illegal immigrant Hoàng was hoping to see Buckingham Palace. But as he was locked in a shipping container, he never even saw the White Cliffs of Dover. Now the Vietnamese national is holed up in a cannabis farm hidden from the light of day. If the modern-day slave gets a shot at freedom, he will have to seize it.

Teenager Amelia is a sextortionist with a penchant for video games and smoking weed. Unfortunately, the wayward adolescent hails from a long line of prestigious accountants, and she is obligated to follow in the family tradition. A crucial exam is just days away. Amelia’s only hope is to blackmail the teacher. Failure is not an option.

If you’re a fan of suspenseful fiction, you’ll relish these two darkly humorous tales.

The Gardener book cover

Both brilliantly-told in Guy’s wonderful style, I enjoyed these tremendously. I won’t go into any plot detail because they’re quite short but these work for anyone already a fan, or as a great introduction to Guy’s works

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