The Arithmancer (Arithmancer, #1)
White Squirrel

Fandom: Harry Potter
Relationship: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Hermione grows up as a maths whiz instead of a bookworm and tests into Arithmancy in her first year. With the help of her friends and Professor Vector, she puts her superhuman spellcrafting skills to good use in the fight against Voldemort.

The Arithmancer (Arithmancer, #1) book cover

Of course, Fanfition not focusing primarily on harry isn’t the majority: its always interesting to see how that turns out.

I rather enjoyed it, although there’s much to grumble and quibble over both in terms of characterisation and plot. It still felt like a clever twist, and that’s what I was looking for.

Published by Sean Randall

I am an avid reader, technologist and disability advocate living in the middle of England with my wife, daughter and pets.

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