System Error: In Your Favour
Iain Clements

The world is in the midst of the worst financial crisis in recorded history. The 24 hour rolling news stations are struggling to keep up with the number of banks collapsing, companies going into administration, and the wider effects these issues are having on the public. Many experts are trying vainly to explain just what is going on, but in London’s Canary Wharf district computer specialist Kate Meer understands all too well the cause of these seemingly unconnected problems. A new artificially intelligent computer system called C.A.R.L that she designed is out of her control. As events in the world continue to spin out of control and the global financial markets embark on a roller-coaster ride, Kate has to join forces with James Gold, a notorious hacker, to try and regain control of their renegade system before it’s too late.

System Error: In Your Favour book cover

I found this irritating. An author who mixes up philosophy and psychology, adds things for the sake of bulk (I’m talking about the ATM), uses command-line computer parlance with, clearly, no understanding thereof and then has the gall to show you an extract of another novel featuring very similar geographical constraints, so you don’t even feel as if you’ve finished the first. Not remotely impressed with this mishmashed mess-up.

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