Dave Duncan

Alya’s hunches were never wrong. So the scientists of 4-I were happy to promise her a place in the next offworld colonization team if she agreed to assess the potential of the latest worlds they had discovered. Then she met Cedric, the grandson of 4-I’s brilliant and tyrannical director, and for the first time ever she began to doubt her uncanny intuition.

Cedric dreamed of becoming a scout and exploring other worlds. When he met the lovely Alya he was more determined than ever to leave Earth — with her. His grandmother, though, needed him as a pawn in her Machiavellian plot to cover up a murder and protect 4-I itself from being destroyed.

She had no intention of letting him go. But the director underestimated her grandson — and the woman whose destiny seemed linked with his . . .

Strings book cover

I love the way Duncan gives you a young character and so expertly hurls them into these breathtaking situations. he’s been doing it well for a quarter of a century and I’m hoping he shows no sign of letting up; I read Strings to commemorate the fact that I put in a pre-order for his next work out in September.

I think chapter 15 was one of my favourites of the book, it sizzled along brilliantly. I did find that Alya was a bit too quick to change gears, that got me a bit, but that’s the only niggle in what was truly a story well up there with some of his best.

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