Space Corps: Explorer (Book 1)
K.W. Matthews

Space Corps – Explorer (Book one of the Space Corps series)

“We thought we were alone in the universe. We were wrong.”

In the sixties, President Kennedy led America to create a great space program. After years of limited advances, a leader emerges to lead the United States in a new space race.

When the President announces a mission to Mars, Ashley sees a chance to fulfill a childhood dream. Years of education and hard work grant her the opportunity to join the newly formed Space Corps.

By earning a role of leadership in the organization, she is determined to be the first to create a colony on another planet.

As Ashley and the crew of the Explorer race to Mars, they receive a distress signal. In their attempt to help, they discover something that forever changes Earth’s future. There is no backup and there are no second chances. If the Explorer is to survive, its crew may have to break some rules.

Space Corps: Explorer (Book 1) book cover

Tawdry is probably the best descriptor for this work. There’s a lot not to like: the affectation of Ashley’s hair, the execrably overused “trust me” (it appears 4 times in 3 chapters). Then there are the things that just irritated me (the overuse of ensigns for key posts, a character called Robert Harris and the generally subpar and cliched writing). I am perhaps being a little harsh, but I’m sorry to say the book didn’t grab me in the least.

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