P.T. Mayes

“If revenge was legal for twenty-four hours, who would you get even with?”

June the 5th is R-Day. Officially the R stands for “readjustment”, but everyone calls it what it really is: revenge.

For twenty-four hours revenge will be legal within the British Isles.

Anthony Lees, returning from a business trip to Japan, finds himself on a desperate mission to save his brother, who he has discovered has had an R-Day licence taken out on his life. He must find him before the man who took out the license does.

But first he must locate him, which considering his brother’s dubious history, is easier said than done. An odyssey through England thrusts Anthony into the crazy revenge plots of others, and in doing so is himself endangered, but he is a survivor.

Can he save his brother and, more importantly, himself?

R-Day is a thriller aimed at adult readers and contains mature themes and language. It is not suitable for children.

R-Day is available to download for the Kindle from Amazon.

Amazon.com http://amzn.to/RuQcL0

Amazon.co.uk http://amzn.to/RuQmSE

R-Day book cover

Despite some huge deficiencies in the English language (people don’t usually lose conscience when they become incapacitated) the story was pretty nifty. It’s becoming a fad to depict Britain in a less than stellar way in the near future (we’ve had Bombmaker, Age Bomb etc, but R-Day was a new concept. I quite enjoyed it!

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