Paths to Otherwhere
James P. Hogan

Attempting to save humankind from a genocidal threat, the scientists of the twenty-first century discover a vast alternative universe in which the wars of the twentieth century had different outcomes. Reprint.

Paths to Otherwhere book cover

This story had a lot of potential, started out quite interestingly indeed. Sadly, it suffers from what I call Sawyerism – taken from Robert J. Sawyer‘s tendency to end cracking scientific novels with transhumanic or Utopian Nirvana-like happy ever afters. Not that I can say Sawyer did it first, of course, but I encountered it first with him.

On the other hand, there were some very good bits: the science was fun, the Human observation good too, especially at the end of chapter twenty-four, and the single word slip that gives the game away in chapter forty-two was also very, very clever. Shame about the end.

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