Now & Again: Parallel Worlds & Happy Endings
E.A. Fournier

When Kendall McCaslin buried his wife on that fall day he was convinced that his own life went into the hole with her. He and his son, Josh, were all that remained, and both felt lost. They were simply two average men standing in an Ohio graveyard dealing with tragedy; but nothing is ever that simple. The truth of who and what they really were would be revealed when a series of fatal car crashes propelled father and son into a deadly romp through parallel worlds.

Caught inside new versions of themselves in alternate timelines, but with all their old memories intact, they struggled to make sense of what had happened. Along the way, they discovered that the dark secrets of an old man and their own unsuspected abilities may provide the only path to save a dying multiverse. Oh, and they also learned that they weren’t the only ones who could jump timelines – and those others were not at all pleased.

Now & Again: Parallel Worlds & Happy Endings book cover

“A new world every time a squirrel loses a nut?”

I utterly enjoyed this book, and will be eagerly awaiting any further work by Fournier. It put parallelism into an easy-to-read and fun context, and although it doesn’t linger on the science, the action is really quite fun and the pace and style very good.

I particularly liked the incongruence of Everett vis-a-vis Kendall and Josh. The way they play against each other is very neat, and opens the more technical aspects of the story out to everybody. It’s a true joy ride of a thriller, with just the level of technical stuff added to keep it interesting.

Published by Sean Randall

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