Misspent Youth (Commonwealth Universe #0.5)
Peter F. Hamilton

It is forty years in the future and, following decades of research and trillions of euros spent on genetics, Europe is finally in a position to rejuvenate a human being. The first subjest chosen for treatment is Jeff Baker, the father of the datasphere (whihc replaced the Internet) and philanthropist extraordinaire. After 18 months in a German medical facility, the 78-year-old patient returns home looking like a healthy 20-year-old.” Misspent Youth” follows the effect his reappearance has on his friends and family – his young ex-model wife Sue, his teenage son Tim, and his long term pals, themselves all pensioners, who are starting to resent what Jeff has become.

Misspent Youth (Commonwealth Universe #0.5) book cover

This was slow for me to get into, but built well. as an introduction to the author I can’t say it’s put me off exploring more, but neither has it caused me to think the writing is something so intriguing as to bump the title up my list. I do have the reality Disfunction, but I started Misspent Youth after the synopsis caught my eye without even being aware of it until then.
In short? enjoyed it , interesting enough, but without a wow factor.

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