Mere Mortals (Star Trek: Destiny #2)
David Mack

On Earth, Federation President Nanietta Bacco gathers allies and adversaries to form a desperate last line of defense against an impending Borg invasion. In deep space, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Ezri Dax join together to cut off the Collective’s route to the Alpha Quadrant.

Half a galaxy away, Captain William Riker and the crew of the Starship Titan have made contact with the reclusive Caeliar — survivors of a stellar cataclysm that, two hundred years ago, drove fissures through the structure of space and time, creating a loop of inevitability and consigning another captain and crew to a purgatory from which they could never escape.

Now the supremely advanced Caeliar will brook no further intrusion upon their isolation, or against the sanctity of their Great Work….For the small, finite lives of mere mortals carry little weight in the calculations of gods.

But even gods may come to understand that they underestimate humans at their peril.

Mere Mortals (Star Trek: Destiny #2) book cover

“In addition to your broken clavicle, you’ve got four cracked ribs and multiple deep bruises all over your body.”
“It was a very good workout,” he said.

I enjoyed this story more than the first. Seeing Hernandez development was interesting, and although I still struggle to enjoy things as much with the old Enterprise D crew displaced throughout the sector it was an enjoyable continuation of the story and one which I’m eager to see finished.

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