Lock & Load (Ryan Lock, #2.5)
Sean Black

A short story featuring private security specialist, Ryan Lock.
Fresh from a stint undercover in Pelican Bay Supermax prison in Northern California, Ryan Lock, and his business partner, former US Marine Ty Johnson, are in Los Angeles, tasked with protecting a young Hollywood actress from an abusive movie star boyfriend who refuses to accept that their relationship is over. But as Lock knows only too well, and Ty is about to learn, keeping someone safe from harm can be harder than it looks, and damage can come in unexpected forms.

Lock & Load (Ryan Lock, #2.5) book cover

Divided as to whether or not I’d read a full length novel about these guys. A short story was a great way to get into them, though.

Disclosure: I won this book as the result of an astounding giveaway by Graham Storrs publisher, because of my review of his then newly-published novel True Path. True Path is a sequel, but please check out the rest of my reviews of Graham’s books and other works published by Momentum, his publisher.

Published by Sean Randall

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