Living Memory (Living Memory, #1)
David Walton

We always thought we were the first.

When paleontologists Samira and Kit uncover dinosaur skeletons in northern Thailand, they also find the remains of an ancient genetic technology that nations will kill to control. Catapulted into a web of murder and intrigue involving the Chinese Ministry of State Security, a powerful Asian crime syndicate, the CIA, and a beautiful Thai princess, Samira and Kit don’t know who they can trust. Torn apart by competing factions and stranded on opposite sides of the world, they race to discover the truth before the world goes to war. Can they bring the past to life before it kills them all?

Living Memory is the first book of a globe-spanning thriller series by the author of The Genius Plague.

Living Memory (Living Memory, #1) book cover

Nooooo! You can’t just end it there! I knew this would happen as soon as I preorderd this and read it was the start of a triloogy, but waiting until next May? Seriously? That’s cruel!

Standout scene set in modernity has to be Mai in the mess hall in chapter 19, brilliant. And of course the historic stuff is just amazing, as you’d expect from Walton. I’m a little saddened that all the rest of his works have been longer, more complete stories, yet now I know there’s going to absolutely be something to read in May 2023 that i’ll enjoy.

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