Line of Fire (Star Trek: The Next Generation – Starfleet Academy, #2)
Peter David

Mission to Dantar

Mysterious space raiders are threatening the joint Federation-Klingon colony on the remote planet of Dantar, and pitting the two sides against each other. Worf and his fellow first year cadets — Zak, Tania, Soleta, and Mark — have accompanied their teacher to observe the negotiation process, but soon find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic dispute.

Just as Worf and the other cadets arrive, they discover the Klingon Empire has sent its own diplomatic team, including Klingon cadets, to investigate the attacks. As the cadets from Starfleet Academy come face to face with their Klingon counterparts, tensions quickly mount as each side accuses the other of staging the raids.

While a deadly space battle rages overhead, Worf faces his ultimate test as his Klingon heritage and future in Starfleet collide.

Line of Fire (Star Trek: The Next Generation - Starfleet Academy, #2) book cover

This continues where Worf s First Adventure left off, so in many ways didn’t feel like a separate novel. On the other hand were I reading it to enjoy the illustrations, or reading it to someone else, I suppose I could stop to appreciate it more.

The ending was quite interesting, and now of course I have to go to bed with the third one tonight…

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