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When two men break into Leonard Samson’s house, beat him unconscious and murder his six-year-old son, the police arrive to a gruesome scene. But they are shocked to find the mutilated bodies of the two intruders in the front room of Leonard’s home, while he waits in the kitchen with the surviving members of his family. Clarissa Chapman is a DCI of Psychokinetic Investigations – a new area of police work – instigated after the first genuine case of psychokinesis was discovered some fifteen years earlier. The Samson case is brought to her attention due to the strange way in which the two intruders were killed. She suspects Leonard Samson is a Kinetic. All Kinetics are blessed with a gift to move objects with only the power of their mind. But it is also a horrific curse. Within a few years of discovering their ability, they gradually develop violent insanity, and for this reason are locked away in specially designed prisons for the benefit of public safety. After discovering that the authorities suspect him of being a Kinetic, Leonard Samson runs, unaware that the police are not the only ones pursuing him. As the days pass by, Clarissa becomes increasingly concerned that certain aspects of the Samson case do not add up… The first two chapters of this book depict a violent home invasion and assault which some readers may find upsetting. THE KINETIC (Kinesis Book 2) NOW AVAILABLE! CORONA (Kinesis Book 3) NOW AVAILABLE!

Kinesis book cover

I quite enjoyed this, although despite being supposedly proofread I still gritted my teeth at grammatical errors and inconsistencies. Par for the course these days sadly.

The idea here is terrifying, especially because the whole ethos is quite plausible. There’s a rather unconscionable amount of government stupidity though, and the revelation at the end would’ve been best left to the reader to figure out, rather than handed over. Still, a good read and one I’d enjoy seeing progress in future stories.

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