Gray Redemption (Tom Gray, #3)
Alan McDermott

After a year living under an assumed name, Tom Gray wants his life back. The only thing standing in his way is James Farrar, a man whose sole aim is to kill Gray and his loyal friends before they can expose the governments deadly secret. In the tense conclusion to the trilogy, Tom Gray’s only hope is to seek the help of an old adversary and pray he still believes in justice.

Before buying this book, please note: Gray Redemption is the final part of a trilogy, and cannot be read as a standalone novel. To get the best out of the story, please read Gray Justice followed by Gray Resurrection. If you choose to read the books in a different order, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Gray Redemption (Tom Gray, #3) book cover

This has truly been an incredible set of books, and I could so easily have justified paying at least a fiver per book. I consider that sort of price fair, for although big names with big houses behind them set prices higher than this,getting your name out there at such a high cost isn’t always doable. I’d certainly advise McDermott to think about an escalating pricing structure, like Michael G. Manning has done with his series. I got the first book on a free offer, which is a great thing and perhaps should be taken up more often, then would have happily paid, as I said, at least £5 for the next and maybe even a little more for the final installment.

The story is written so well, that I’d fear to use any of his code (the author is a software developer), just in case it’s got any sort of biological weapons of mass destruction or hidden terrorists in it! The depth of things covered, from combat, ordinance and tactics through to anonymous websites and political power plays make the reading electrifying: believable but exciting, with characters we grow to care about and find interesting, all backed up by a sweeping story with a punch behind it.

I’ve seen hype for authors, just because of who they are. I’m being so effusive here because if you just give these a go, the books, not the marketing department, will speak for themselves.

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