Game’s End (The Gamearth Trilogy, Gamearth #3)
Kevin J. Anderson

The finale to the Gamearth Trilogy. It’s all-out war between the players and characters in a role-playing game that has taken on a life of its own. The fighter Delrael, the sorcerer Bryl, as well as famed scientists Verne and Frankenstein, use every trick in the Book of Rules to keep the world of Gamearth intact while the outside group of players does everything possible to destroy it.

Game's End (The Gamearth Trilogy, Gamearth #3) book cover

An ending as expected, although I must say the final paragraphs elevated things somewhat in my eyes. I’m glad I dipped into the series, for although they’ve hardly been spectacular they have at least been interesting.

I was also pleased to find, at the back of my ebook edition, a set of other novels from the publisher, some of which I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

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