Galactic Dreams
Harry Harrison

Collected here are twelve of Harrison’s best, including “Space Rats of the CCC,” probably the greatest space opera ever written, slightly tongue-in-cheek; “At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein,” in which our favorite monster gets new life – but whose life is it?; “Bill, The Galactic Hero’s Happy Holiday,” in which our favorite drunkard enlistee is kidnapped by the evil Chingers and hypnotized into believing he’s a general; and nine more classics ranging across time and space!
1 I Always Do What Teddy Says
2 Space Rats of the CCC
3 Down to Earth
4 A Criminal Act
5 Famous First Words
6 The Pad – A Story of the Day after the Day after Tomorrow
7 If
8 Mute Milton
9 Simulated Trainer
10 At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein
11 The Robot Who Wanted to Know
12 Bill the Galactic Hero’s Happy Holiday

Galactic Dreams book cover

A nice sampling of Harrison’s work, though too short. I’m going to have to reread a longer set of his stories at some point. Favourite? HMM.., either At Last, the True Story of Frankenstein or Simulated Trainer

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