Daniel Brako

David Druas is a successful psychologist, with a thriving practice. When he encounters Hans Werner, a client who sees imaginary doors, life takes a dark and unexpected turn.

After trying to unravel the delusion, David also notices mysterious doors. Scattered throughout the city, they lead to beautiful, terrifying and dangerous new worlds. But are they real?

When Hans Werner is murdered, the evidence identifies David as the killer. Forced to become a fugitive, he struggles to escape the deepening nightmare that threatens to overwhelm him.

As the police close in, it becomes apparent that the doors are concealing a dark and tangled truth. The question is: can David unlock their secrets before his time and sanity run out?

Doors book cover

Though short, this book certainly hits hard. I first encountered the concept of language having a direct mental impact in a Robert A. Heinlein story; I think it was If this goes on but I can’t recall a textual reference; this was years ago. Then more recently it came up in a Max Barry work, and I find it fascinating how words, written or verbal can change a person’s outlook so profoundly, especially when on the surface, the words are meaningless. It’s a most fascinating idea.

I also particularly liked the way everything happens to a psychologist, it lends authenticity to the work. And we see David has psychological issues of his own: background , which is always good to read about even in shorter works.

I’ll certainly be checking out Brako’s other novels!

Disclosure: I won this book as the result of an astounding giveaway by Graham Storrs publisher, because of my review of his then newly-published novel True Path. True Path is a sequel, but please check out the rest of my reviews of Graham’s books and other works published by Momentum, his publisher.

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