Deadly Memory (Living Memory, #2)
David Walton

THE PAST TURNS DEADLY in this sequel to the globe-spanning paleontology thriller Living Memory. Ancient genetic technology drives world politics as China and the US vie for the power contained in Thailand’s fossil deposits. Deep in an underground CIA facility, Samira studies an unprecedented find but fears her discoveries will be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, from the depths of the ocean, a killer organism surfaces that hasn’t been seen in two hundred and fifty million years. Will world powers share what they know in time to save humanity?

Deadly Memory (Living Memory, #2) book cover

I closed this book feeling more strongly that I want book 3 than I did after the first. The characterisations are all strong, the story utterly compelling, and without doubt another amazing trio of stories to add to David’s already staggeringly strong series of books. Bring on the climax!

Published by Sean Randall

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