Cryo-Man (Cryo-Man, #1)
Kevin George

Nikolas Edwards has a lone memory: he follows his young son around their house, playing and laughing, as any normal father would with his boy. But Nikolas is very sick and the memory ends with his death, though not before he has his son make a very important phone call…

When Nikolas awakens next, he is no longer the man he used to be and no longer lives in the world he once knew. He has changed dramatically, more than he imagined a human possiby could. Cryonics has given him a second chance at life, but it has taken away nearly every memory he once knew, leaving only the final moment before his human death.

But the thought of his son remains, tethering him to a past he desperately wants to remember. Though the world is no longer controlled by humans, he sets off to learn about his family by any means necessary, even though what he’s become makes him an enemy to all.

Cryo-Man (Cryo-Man, #1) book cover

This had potential and I at least carried on with it. The writing did drag in places, and 22 uses of “hiding spot” didn’t sit well with me. Also, the phrase “could care less” has always confused me and it’s used frequently.

I shouldn’t have been disappointed at the ending either, because it’s a saga, but I was. Ah, well.

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