Cohesion (Star Trek Voyager: String Theory, #1)
Jeffrey Lang

Lifting the Hem of the UniverseSpirits unbroken by the failed promise of the U.S.S. Dauntless, Captain Kathryn Janeway’s indefatigable crew continues their odyssey of discovery through an enigmatic region of the Delta Quadrant, encountering a system inhabited by a species that, according to known physical laws, shouldn’t exist.

These unusual beings, the Monorhans, hover near the edge of extinction; technology from the Starship Voyager(TM) promises life. Janeway, compelled by the aliens’ plight, dispatches Seven of Nine and Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres to the Monorhan homeworld. But an unexpected shock wave crashes the shuttle carrying Torres and Seven, catapulting Voyager into a place beyond the fabric of space-time.

As B’Elanna and Seven wage an interpersonal war, Voyager struggles to prevail on an extradimensional battleground against an indefinable enemy. But fate has determined that one is inexorably linked to the other: the insurmountable chasm separating Voyager from her lost crew members must be bridged…or all will perish.

Cohesion (Star Trek Voyager: String Theory, #1) book cover

“I do not know,” Seven said. “Not precisely, which is remarkable in itself.”

Good, solid Voyager, well-written with different aliens to the norm. I did find the complete obliteration of a ship something of a surprise, or more accurately the lack of reaction thereto, but that was my only complaint in what was otherwise a well-paced and enjoyable work.

“Pardon my intrusion, Captain,” Tuvok said, leaning forward slightly. “But I believe I have something to add.”

“Go ahead.”

“I have a headache,” Tuvok said.

I enjoyed the B’Elanna and seven byplay quite a lot, as well as the story as a whole. Definitely going to read the rest.

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