Blake’s 7 (Blake’s 7)
Trevor Hoyle

Exiled from Dome City – where a vicious regime wields dictatorial power – Roj Blake swears vengeance on the corrupt leaders who have destroyed his future.

Hijacking the Liberator, the most advanced spacecraft ever created, Blake travels to the sinister planet Cygnus Alpha. There, risking the dreaded Curse of Cygnus, he rescues other victims of the regime from the megalomaniac Vargas…

And with there allies he forms a fighting force to combat galactic injustice: Blake’s Seven!

From the latest spectacular television drama series by Terry Nation, creator of Survivors and other smash-hit TV successes, top British science fiction author Trevor Hoyle has written a gripping novel of deep-space action, adventure and intrigue.

Blake's 7 (Blake's 7) book cover

I really got into this novel, but probably because of it’s nostalgia value for me. I grew up on B7 and finally being able to read it, rather than take in a television series missing a vital component, was a joy to behold.

Gender stereotyping is, of course, alive and well (this is the seventies), after all. Cally and Jenna couldn’t appear to be more different, and the threat of the assassins was very real and written with a great deal of tension.

A cult classic, not to be missed by those in the genre for sure.

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